Monday, 14 February 2011


This audio player contains a recording of the public showing of R&D at the Studio theatre, York Theatre Royal, 9th Feb 2011.

To listen to the recording press play.

To experience the recording find a WiFi hotspot in a hotel lounge, airport bar, train station, coffee shop in the tourist district - in fact ANYWHERE where there is journeying of some sort occurring.
Set up your laptop or smart phone and plug-in the best headphones you could find - then press play.

This performance featured:
Audrey Riley - ‘cello and voice
John Richards - bass, electronics and voice
Jonathan Eato - soprano sax and voice
Craig Vear - percussion, KYMA and voice
Michael Lambourne - Yorick, solo voice and percussion

Thanks to Damian Cruden, Jonathan Eato, Aine Sheil, Peter Boardman and Patrick Wildgust.
Further thanks to Matthew Paradis for his expert help in setting up a reliable streaming system -
Dedicated to Patrick Wildgust.

© Vear 2011

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