Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Instructions & Introduction

Find a WiFi hotspot in a hotel lounge, airport bar, train station, coffee shop in the tourist district - in fact ANYWHERE where there is journeying of some sort occurring.

Set up your laptop or smart phone and plug-in the best headphones you could find. Adjust the volume to a comfortable mix between the accordion 'pre-show' music and the ambient soundscape of your performance environment.

Tweet @_Y0r1ck your #momentsofdistraction and participate in the digital opera

Grab a glass of your favourite tipple. Click on the MP3 - LISTEN link below. At 19:45 (LONDON) your opera will begin.

Click the button above to start listening to A Sentimental Journey LIVE.

If you are experiencing problems click the following link:

If it still fails to play, try copying this address into your web searcher or audio player:

NB - There will be a post-showing discussion, your comments (below) are welcome and will contribute to this discussion.

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